A logo!

I wanted a logo for a long time. I never really needed one, but it was something I wanted for this blog.

This blog is not updated as often as it deserves, but I like it. I find it nice, easy to work with and fun to write on. So I am glad to have a logo, but this quest has been a long one.

So at the start, I had sites like oDesk, freelancer.com and the likes in mind, but not knowing what I wanted kind of makes it difficult.

I then heard of sites that let designers compete with each others to win the project by submitting drafts. I am pretty sure this would have been the cheapest solution, but I think this is fundamentaly bad and flawed. Throwing your needs out there and have 95% of the people work for free (all the rejected drafts, only the accepted one will be paid) and I did not want to encourage this kind of behaviour. You have to stand up to your values, even if it means paying a higher price. Again, I still had no idea what I wanted. There is also some horror stories about people getting sued because their brand new logo were made from other copyrighted logo. For the price you pay, this is the kind of thing you have to expect.

Fast-forward almost 1 year, while reading Reddit (on /r/forhire), I stumble on a post about a guy that had a rough christmas and he needs money to pay the rent. By some sheer luck, the guy is an illustrator and is more than willing to make logos or artwork. By looking at his previous artworks, I finally find an idea for the logo. Something like Docker(to name only this one) using cute looking animals as mascot/logo.

Steve came up with the hyper active, super cute hamster, way too excited.

And I really love it! Working with Steve was easy and straight forward and I am glad to have paid a fair price for it and helped someone in need.