Bypass AngularJS route provider

Thanks to #angularjs, I've found a gem in the google groups. I was trying to bypass the route provider from AngularJS. I was trying to make an oauth2 call to Google from the server side, but AngularJS was preventing the redirection everytime.

PyCon 2014 - part 2

Following last post, we will cover the remaining of the session. With keynotes on both days, it should now fit into one article. ☺

PyCon 2014

I'm going to PyCon 2014 in Montreal. Let's try to pinpoint the most interesting sessions and build up my own schedule and try to guide you through some sessions of the schedule.


I recently had to calculate expenses for a new big international project. The drupal project needs caching around the world and I was very curious about the Amazon offering, CloudFront. Obviously, I have just fallen in love with yet another...