Stumbled on this, via Hacker News. It's a pacman little game. You have to use different algorithms to build the best path to get all the food.

YouTube Gaming

YouTube gets it's gaming streaming platform online. Let's talk a little about this. Why did Twitch turned the offer to be brought off by Google last year. Google was quick to turn around to create a platform of it's own.

A logo!

It's been a long time since I wanted a logo, but the timing was always wrong. I had no idea what I exactly wanted, so I never try asking a friend for the logo. Today though, I finally have a logo for this small blog!

Now a CTO

Some of you might have heard, some of you might have seen the LinkedIn update. Here is a quick summary of how I see it and how I feel about it.

PyCon 2014 - part 2

Following last post, we will cover the remaining of the session. With keynotes on both days, it should now fit into one article. ☺

PyCon 2014

I'm going to PyCon 2014 in Montreal. Let's try to pinpoint the most interesting sessions and build up my own schedule and try to guide you through some sessions of the schedule.