Phaser Virtual Joystick

I've recently started a new personal game and needed a virtual joystick implementation. Here it is, free of all rights.


Stumbled on this, via Hacker News. It's a pacman little game. You have to use different algorithms to build the best path to get all the food.

Python gotcha

Got bitten recently by a hard to find gotcha (not a bug, just something that you need to keep in mind). I invite you to read further, so you don't loose your time too!

Generating self-signed certificate

You want SSL everywhere, including in development. Self-signed certificates are perfect for this. Here is a simple one-liner to generate the key and the certificate.

YouTube Gaming

YouTube gets it's gaming streaming platform online. Let's talk a little about this. Why did Twitch turned the offer to be brought off by Google last year. Google was quick to turn around to create a platform of it's own.

Tiling window manager (twm) - i3

I've recently switched to a tiling window manager called i3 (or i3wm). Here are my thoughts so far.

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